Kaspar Jansen

Social worker for the homeless with the Salavation Army / Freelance photo-journalist

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Kaspar Jansen’s (1977) interest in photography began when he was serving in Bosnia with the Royal Dutch Army from 1995-1996. With a basic compact camera, he recorded the daily life on and around the military compound.

His love for photography really developed when he returned to the Balkans three years later--this time equipped with a better camera and a different mission at hand. In Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia (1999-2001) Kaspar volunteered for a small Dutch/German humanitarian organization where he worked with Kosovar refugees and Roma populations. Kaspar was also deeply touched by the impoverished living conditions of the general population in Albania. Inspired by these people and the children in particular, he has continually returned to the Balkans to photograph and document their lives.

Since 2001, Kaspar has been regularly following educational courses and workshops to further improve his photographic skills. However, Kaspar’s real passion lies with taking his camera and heading out to the field. This has resulted in his own distinctive style of photography.

Kaspar Jansen
Haarlem, The Netherlands
Cell: +31-6-52455517